Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Easy Summer Bucket List

Today I am going to share with you how my children and I made a really easy yet fun bucket list for summer vacation. I don’t want to get to the end of their summer vacation and wish we had done this and that. Unlike some of the printable bucket lists out there this one you make yourself so you can make it for the things you and your family want to do and age appropriate for your children. My children are 7, 6, and 2 so we mostly geared it towards the older two kids. Here are the materials we used to make our bucket list:

A bucket, small container, or jar,


Markers or crayons,

Small strips of paper in two different colors.



Next I sat down with Adelaide 7,


and Colton 6,


…………and put together our ideas.

We used the pink paper for things we wanted to do outside of the home like a day trip or an adventure. We did things like, water park, hiking, bike ride, park, and other specific things we have around here we want to do this summer. Then on the yellow paper we put things that we can do around the house like, water balloon fight, sidewalk chalk, bake cookies, make play dough, bubbles, and so on. So then on days where we want to go out of the house and do something we will pick a pink card and when the kids need something to do at home they can pick a yellow card.

Then we folded the cards in half and put them in a container. The project only took us a few minutes and now we have a whole bunch of fun adventures for the summer! I am a simple kind of mom, nothing too crazy, fancy, or hard to do! What I like best about this list is you can make it just right for your family and you can add to it at any time!

Throw in extra surprises for the kids,

like a trip to the zoo to really shock them when they pull it out!

Have a great summer with your kids, make them remember all the fun things you did even if they are little things like blowing bubbles together!

Enjoy them, they are only little once!


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