Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Fun at the Cabin on the Lake

We had such a fun weekend I thought I would share with you what we did! So Friday afternoon after the kids got done with school and the hubby got home from work we packed up and headed south for the night. My brother-in-law owns a new home about an hour and a half south of us and we headed down there to do some trim work for him. He had the house built last year but didn’t have the basement finished so all of his family is pitching in time and talent and helping him with it. In exchange he lets us all stay there and enjoy the home and in the summer the lake. Well everyone else happened to be busy this weekend so we had the house to ourselves. We went for just one night because it is so hard going places with the baby, he doesn’t sleep very well to begin with and its worse when we aren’t home, but despite very little sleep we actually got a lot done and had some fun too!

On Friday night after we got there and unpacked we made some dinner for the kids and did some puzzles together.


Then we finished our night by watching “Chipwrecked” in the theater room!





And then after a pretty rough night with the baby we started our day with COFFEE!


And a yummy breakfast!


Then we started to work……..Many of you who don’t know me very well probably don’t know this about me…….but My dad owns his own construction business and for a few years before college and the summers during college I worked for him. I am not saying I know what I am doing here, at all, but I am happy with how everything turned out!

My husband  Bob and I worked on the basement bedroom this weekend putting up trim, baseboard, and crown molding. We got the whole bedroom done and the window finished off.





Despite all the work we spent a lot of time playing too!





Adelaide and Colton playing in the snow!




Adelaide and Colton making candles!


And lots of help from Leon!



Sunday we made it to church in the morning and then had a pretty lazy day after, it was great to get a good nights sleep in our own beds and spend Sunday relaxing with our loves! I hope your weekend as wonderful as ours!

We even had a little visit from a leprechaun!



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  1. Wow, you guys did a great job on the trim, what a beautiful house! Looks like a fantastic family weekend! :)