Why N to N

Why, you ask, did I name my blog From Nature to Nurture?

I have two reasons this name really fits me and who I am . First, I would like to use this blog to share with you everything from nature to nurture. I love nature; gardening, camping and everywhere in between. Also, my children are my life and I want to share with you how I nurture my family. From cooking, baking, and cleaning, to organizing and crafts.

The other reasons this name describes me is because it is how my life has evolved. When I met my husband I had just finished working for the Forest Service in northern Wisconsin and I was just starting college for a degree in forestry. I learned to run a chainsaw quite well and was even in two national chainsaw competitions. I even took three semesters of tree climbing and landscaping design. That was a huge part of my life and truly shaped who I am, but my greatest desire was always to be a wife and mother. I just happened to meet the right man who made me just that, a wife and mother! So in a matter of two years I earned a degree in Urban Forestry, met the man I would marry, got married, and started a family. One year and ten days after we were married we welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl. And so started the nurturing!!! So, my life has evolved; From Nature to Nurture!!!


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    1. Thank you! I will definately check yours out!