Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home Tour ~ Colton’s Room


Welcome back to my home tour! Today I am going to share with you my 6 year old son Colton’s room. When we first bought this home we knew immediately that this would be Colton’s room. It was decorated for a boy and it was the perfect size for our 3 year old little man. Eventually we intend to put Leon, our 2 year old boy, in here also but for now Colton has it to himself. One of the things we love most about this home when we first looked at it is the very large bedrooms, well two very large bedrooms and one small one. When we do have to put Leon in there too it is going to be quite crammed. About a year ago we finally remodeled his room, it was in need of a paint job and new carpeting. So we went with an older boy theme so it would grow with him and we wouldn’t have to redo it in a few years. So we went with a blue, tan, and orange color theme with a sports border that matched.

I think it turned out pretty cute!


This is what you see from the hallway looking in:


When we remodeled it we put in bunk beds, he was still sleeping in a toddler ben at 5 so we thought is was time!

Here is the family book shelf with all his special things on the top shelves:


Here is what the main part of the room looks like:


Below are some of the pictures we have for him on the wall. We also put Leon’s up there because he technically doesn’t have a bedroom. (Check out where Leon sleeps here, no judging please! Smile )When each of our kids turned 1 we have everyone who celebrated with us sign this picture and each year on their birthdays I put their handprints on something to see how they grow each year.


Here is a shelf we bought at Ikea for all Colton’s favorite toys.


Below, the door on the right is to go out and the door on the left is Colton’s closet.


Here is inside the closet, nothing too exciting…….

Bins for organizing toys he has to ask for first to play with, like dress up stuff and legos.


All his hanging clothes…….


And toys, toys, toys!!!


Below is his dresser which I have been waiting for it to warm up outside so I can refinish it. I intend to paint it orange to really bring that color into the original theme. Once I get brave enough to do it I will share it with you.


Thank you for stopping by and checking out Colton’s room!



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