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As a stay at home mom I sometimes feel like all I do is cook, clean, and chase kids. I truly love my job and anything that can make those things easier, makes me, and in turn my family, happier. I found Shaklee while trying to find a healthier, safer cleaning product. Although the get clean line is my favorite, Shaklee has many other health and wellness products I am finding I love too.

Shaklee has changed my life in many ways. I feel safe allowing my baby to crawl on my floors and allowing my older children to help me clean. I know that I am not breathing in dangerous fumes while scrubbing my shower.

Not only am I creating a healthier environment for my family I am helping by bringing in an income sharing these amazing products. If you are a stay at home mom, or a mom who wishes to stay at home, or even young and just starting out, Shaklee offers wonderful opportunities for you all. If you would like to learn more about how Shaklee can change your life please contact me with your questions, I would love to help you on your way to creating your dream!

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Thanks, Bonnie

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