Monday, February 4, 2013

Butterfly Footprints

This past weekend my dearest friend, my older sister spent the weekend at our home with her three daughters, it was such a fun time! The cousins got to play and the sisters got to talk and drink! Also while they were here we made a stop at Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things to do some weekend crafts. We have been wanting to do that footprint butterfly craft from Pinterest since her last baby girl was born and we finally got the supplies and did it! They turned out really cute and it was a lot of fun! At first we were going to do all three girls on one long canvas but then we decided to do it on three separate ones of all different sizes depending on the girls foot size. We thought then someday they can all have their foot print picture. So this is what we did and how we did it!

First we decided which paint colors for which girl, we used two colors for each of them, you could do whatever and however you wanted to though, the possibilities are endless. So we took the first little girl, Claira, an painted her cute little piggy's the two colors we had picked. We did one foot, cleaned the paint off, and then the other foot. We figured we would have much less of a mess that way!

Here she is, what a sweet, smiley girl!


We didn’t take step by step pictures of the two little girls because we needed ALL four hands to do it!

So I do suggest help if you are going to attempt this with little ones.

Also, make sure you flip their feet around on the canvas. Put the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side.

Here is sweet little Grace!


Here are there cute little prints! We used one color for the bottom of their feet and one for the top half.

Notice how their feet are flipped around?? Big toes pointing out.

GraceClaira prints

Here we were able to get a few more pictures, Jocelyn is 6 and a lot more cooperative and a lot less wiggly!


Jocelyn foot

Gently push entire foot onto canvas, it helps to use your fingers to push down all the toes.

foot on canvas

Here are all three cute little foot prints!

All three prints

Now let the prints completely dry. We used acrylic paints which seem to dry pretty quickly. The next step after they were completely dry was to pencil in the butterflies bodies. This part is free hand, however you want the bodies to look. If you look at all three we did each one is a little different. Just make sure they aren’t too tiny if you want to draw on a face.  If you draw real light you can even erase the pencil if you make mistakes. Then we took a black paint pen and traced over the pencil marks and drew on smiley faces.

Drawing Bodies

Here are all three complete! Aren’t they adorable?!?!

Finished butterflies

It was such a fun yet easy project for any little girls room, I hope you have enjoyed it!

Thanks to my three beautiful nieces for cooperating for all the pictures!

Love these girls

Here is a materials list for this project:

Acrylic paint (your choice of colors)



Black Paint Pen

Cute little feet!

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