Meet Bonnie

Welcome! I'm Bonnie Cveykus!

My goal is to share with you tips and ideas to becoming happy, healthy, and organized!

How can I do that??
I want to share with you how I keep my home healthy, share yummy recipes your whole family will love, and how to keep things organized with kids and a full schedule. I also want to share with you how to have a successful at home business! We can really do it all, we just have to learn how to balance things!

Get Healthy! Get Happy! Get Clean!

Meet my family!

About me....
1982. I was born in May.

2000. I graduated high school. 

2002. I met the love of my life, Bob.

2003. I went to Pennsylvania and competed in a National Chainsaw Competition. 

2004. I married the love of my life. We moved into our first home together. I competed in my 2nd National Chainsaw Competition. I graduated college with a degree in Urban Forestry. I got pregnant with my first child.

2005. We celebrated our first anniversary. I gave birth to my first child, my baby girl Adelaide in July!

2006. I became pregnant again! A little sooner than planned but we were still really excited!

2007. Our second child and our first son Colton was born in cold, cold January. 

2007-2009. Was a blur of diapers and sleepless nights.....

2009. October we purchased our first home!

2010. I got pregnant with our second son. This was the most trying of my three pregnancies. I had placenta previa and had to take things very easy so I could carry him to term and not end up on bed rest with two young children to care for.

2011. In May I gave birth via c-section to our son Leon! Despite all the complications he was healthy and beautiful.
2012. I became the owner of my own at home business with Shaklee. I started my blog From Nature to Nurture

2013. Growing my Shaklee business. Helping others create healthier homes and lives. Enjoying my family! Living life to the fullest!

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