Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Mama’s Loosing Weight and Gaining Their Lives!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this picture posted today of a dear friends weight loss success! She has been doing the Body Turnaround Challenge since early January and has just posted her results of February's success. She only lost about 4 pounds but because Shaklee 180 in an inch loss program she is losing inches like crazy!! Check out this Hot Mama of 1 pictured below……

Jaimas weight loss sucess 2

Here is what she had to say about this months challenge success:

My weight has not changed much. Only down 4# since the beginning, but I'm doing bootcamp with a trainer a few days a week and she seems to think its because of muscle... After I took a pic last week to compare, I feel much better. People are starting to notice, too...

Also with Shaklee 180 you retain ALL muscle you gain and only loose FAT! How is that for AMAZING! If you have been on the fence about trying Shaklee 180 here is your proof that this is amazing. Do you need to loose 50 pounds or more like the beautiful woman pictured above? This program is for you! Do you only need to loose that last 5-20 pounds from your last pregnancy? This is for you! Check out this Hot Mama of four who has lost her last baby inched uses Shaklee 180 (all while breastfeeding her baby)!

Bonnie D weight loss 2

And here is what this mommy of four had to say about her first 30 days of the challenge:

Prior to getting started with the Body Turnaround Challenge, I was eating a lot of cookies (no will power) and didn’t take my eating as serious as I wanted. Since starting the challenge, I reduced my cravings, lost inches, went down a size and feel better about my body. This was a great challenge for my because I needed to lose that last bit my my belly after having my fourth baby in seven years. Thank you to everyone in this challenge! :)

Do you think this program is only for woman? Well I am sorry but you are WRONG! There are several men doing this, some along with their wives! Join this amazing support system of over 120 men and woman transforming their lives! No questions are silly questions, email me today! Bonnie @ stihlgirl1@yahoo.com

Also ask me how you can earn this for FREE!


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