Thursday, March 21, 2013

Laundry Room Tour & Reveal ~ Thrifty Thursday

Well it is finally here, my big laundry room remodel reveal! We have spent a couple months getting this ready, what I thought would be a quick weekend project has become much more. It is way more time consuming to do a remodel than I was thinking. Anyway, it is done and it was so worth the wait! It is beautiful yet functional! So to give you an idea of what it was like before so you can truly understand the change I will show you some before pictures. It was functional but just barely…….see for yourself.

Laundry room before1

Laundry room before2

Laundry room before3

Laundry room before4

So there it is……functional but awful!

Below are some of the pictures during the remodel……..In this one my husband has built a wall where it used to look into the storage area of our basement.

Laundry room during 1

Here is the frame of the laundry basket shelf my husband built.

laundry room during 2

And what would we do without some little helpers!

laundry room during 3

And here we are getting tons of help painting the floor!

laundry room during 4

Laundry room during 5

And now for the final reveal!

This is looking in the room from the doorway.


My folding table and baskets to sort everyone’s clothes. This is one of my favorite parts!


A set of shelves and a hanging bar.


This is looking back out the way you come in. On the left is under the stairs, I just hung a shower curtain up to hide it.


This is another thing I love, it’s a really simple way to hang up mismatched socks.


Here my father-in-law built boxes for the washer and dryer to go on.


And here are some of the things I keep on my shelves, my favorite laundry soap!


I sure hope you have enjoyed seeing my laundry room tour and remodeling reveal! I had fun sharing it with you! I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment below & follow me on Facebook!


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  2. Oh I LOVE the folding counter and baskets!