Thursday, April 11, 2013

Master Bathroom Tour ~ Thrifty Thursday

Welcome back to my home tour! I am having such a great time doing my home tour posts, I hope you are enjoying them too! Today I am going to do part 2 of the Master Bedroom Tour and show you the Master Bathroom.
Master Bath 10
When my husband and I found this house we both fell in love with the master bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closet. It is wonderful to have our own space, even though it is usually overtaken with children we really love it. It was designed this way when we bought it and all the shower curtains, towels, and accessories from our previous bathroom matched it perfectly. Now after having it this way for several years in this house and several in the house before we are really wanting a change. But one room at a time and as of Monday we will be starting a big remodel on our mud room. So this room will have to wait and it is still pretty and functional. So here it is!
Below is looking into our bathroom from our bedroom:
Master Bath 1
Master Bath 2
I love our big window, it lets in tons of light!
Master Bath 3
I have several shower curtains for in here, I love leaves so they are all leaf themed.
Master Bath 4
Master Bath 5
Below is our shelf above the toilet, it has a collection of things from our Honeymoon and other vacations:
Master Bath 6
We also have a couple of our dressers in our bathroom…….I will explain next week why they don’t fit in our enormous walk in closet!
Master Bath 7
And what bathroom is complete without bath tub pictures!
Below is Colton, having his first bath as a newborn and in the big boy tub.
Master Bath 8
Here is Adelaide as a baby, starting with her very first bath and a couple as she gets older.
Master Bath 9
I hope you have enjoyed my Master Bathroom Tour! Tell me what you thought, comment below! Also come and visit me on Facebook! I would love to see you there!
And now for……
Thrifty Thursday!

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