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Feature Friday ~ Basic H2

Welcome back to Feature Friday, where each Friday I share with you a new Shaklee product that I love and is changing my family and life for the better! For my very first feature for me it was a no brainer! I have come to love so many things Shaklee has to offer, in fact everything I have used to date I still use and I LOVE! But for me I new exactly what I would share with you first: Basic H2, super concentrated all purpose cleaner.

Basic H

I am sharing this first because it is the very first Shaklee product I purchased and used in my home and I haven’t looked back since. I would love for you to listen to what I think about Basic H2 but first I will share with you how it is changings others lives and helping to make life easier for them. Here are some of my dear friends and family members who are using Basic H2 in their homes and this is what they had to say:

~Basic H2 is useful in my home on a daily basis. I keep the mixed solutions in a spray bottle on my kitchen counter. It's great for quick clean up from kitchen spills on the floor, also use it on all the counter tops. I even use it to clean up our doggie bathroom messes.  It works great for taking off wall paper.  The bottles last you a very long time and well worth the money I will continue to purchase Basic H2.  ~ Sandy

~I have been a house painter for 29 years. In all that time I have never found a product that works better than BasicH for stripping wallpaper. It is, bar none, the most effective and easiest way to soften the paste and remove the paper without harming the wall underneath or gassing myself with toxic chemicals. It is safe, easy, and pleasant to use. One tsp in a spray bottle of water is more than enough to tackle the toughest paper, that is a fraction of the cost of the stuff with all the warnings on the label. ~Kathryn Miller (Snowbird Painting)

I purchased my first bottle of Basic H2 in June of 2012, so almost a year ago. I bought it because I had been experimenting with safer, and cheaper household cleaners. I was using a lot of baking soda and vinegar and I was sort of happy with them . I was happy it was less expensive and I was so happy that it was safer for my family but I despised the smell and they didn’t clean as well as I would have liked. So in searching for something I liked better, yet was safe for my family, I ran across Basic H2 and Shaklee. I had heard of Shaklee from when I was  kid, my mom had used it a little and I new my aunt had used it also so the company’s name rang a bell. So I ordered a bottle of Basic H2 and I was really happy with it. I became happier the more I learned about it and how much it could actually do!

Here are some of the experiences I have had with Basic H2:

As a fruit and veggie wash……

Veggie Collage 2

Tar removal from skin……(you can read more about that here)


Tar removal from shoes…….

Shoe Before After2

Cleaning a wood chair……..nail polish, paint, stuck on food you name it!


And some pictures others have had experience with using Basic H2:

Carpet cleaning……

Carpet 2.2

Crayon removal…..


Cleaning stainless steel……

Stainless steel


Safe on wood2

Wood floors……..

Wood floors2

As you can see it really is an ALL purpose cleaner! There are 100’s of uses for Basic H2! And I still haven’t shared with you the best part about it……….

It is all natural and SAFE for YOU, your HOME, & your PLANET!

It is 100% non-toxic and safe! For once your children can help you clean without the worries of harmful chemicals.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love Basic H2!

1) Glass cleaner

You can eliminate ammonia based window cleaner without nasty streaks.

2) Degreaser

Mild enough to clean your windows but strong enough to use as a degreaser. I use it to degrease my stove top and also my chainsaw! Yes I have a chainsawSmile

3) Carpet Cleaner

I love to grab my bottle of all purpose cleaner and to do quick spot treatments on my carpets. It is also wonderful in a carpet cleaning machine.

4) Cost Saving

I am saving tons of money by using Basic H2! For a 16oz bottle of glass cleaner it costs me 1 cent! For a bottle of all purpose cleaner it cost about 3 cents!

5) A little goes a long way.

Basic H2 is as I have said, Super Concentrated! One 16 oz bottle could last you a year or more!

6) It is SAFE for my family!

When I am cleaning my counters, floors, and windows I know that the little hands and feet that follow in my foot steps will be touching a SAFE, clean surface. There is nothing more important to me than keeping my family safe!

7) It makes a great shower cleaner. I add it to a little refillable scrub brush and keep it in my shower and scrub when I have a few extra minutes. You can read more about that here.

8) Fruit & Veggie wash.

I also wash all my fruits and vegetables with the same thing I clean my home with! Yes it sounds crazy but this stuff really is that safe! You can read more about that here.

9) My children can help me clean!

Again this is that safe, my children can clean with me!

10) I can share this with others and make their homes safer too!!!!

If you are interested in learning more about Basic H2 read more here!


I would love to hear any questions and comments you may have about Basic H2 and Shaklee! Please comment below and visit me on Facebook!

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