Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 Tips to a Healthy School Year

Whether your kids just started school or will be soon as moms we all want the same thing for our kids, health and happiness and a smooth transition to a new year. If you are anything like me you would love for your kids to live in a little bubble when they are away from home! I also worry about the germs and sicknesses that they may bring home and share with mommy, daddy, and the little one.  Today I want to share with you some of the ways I try to keep my kids in that little health and safety bubble even when they are away from me.

Healthy Eating!

If my kids are eating a healthy diet their body does not have to work as hard to keep them healthy. So for us it is fruits and/or veggies with every meal and always an option for snacks is a must. One secret that I will share with you is if it is readily available they will eat it! Keep things cut up and on the counters or table. Another thing I always do is as soon as I get home from the grocery store before I put it away I wash all my fruits and veggies so no one has worry about that. If you are interested in how I wash them check this out.


A Good Multi-Vitamin!

No matter what we do we can’t provide our children with 100% of what their bodies need to grow and be healthy. Especially in a day in age when organic foods can be really pricey. We can do little things like plant and grow some of our own fruits and veggies but most of us can’t provide our family with an entire years worth so we rely on what we can afford to do. So one thing I have been doing for almost a year now is a really good multi vitamin for my whole family. I partner with the #1 natural nutrition company so naturally I would recommend the vitamins that they offer, but it is really more than that. Like I said I have been giving these to my family for almost a year now so I have seen the results of what a really good vitamin can do. This past winter and this summer my kids have hardly been sick at all! We have had minor colds and that is it! When I say minor I mean a few sniffles and/or runny noses for a couple days but no doctors visits because of them. (We will save what I do for myself and husband for another post).

Here is the multivitamin my kids have been taking:


They are Shaklee's Incredivites, and they have been incredible! They are the only children’s chewable multivitamin powered with lactoferrin, an immune booster to help prevent kids from getting sick. The other important vitamin is vitamin c.

Vit C3

I did a little math the other day and for these two items, for one child, it is less than $20 a month!

For a trip to the doctor and a prescription for one child it would be almost $200!

You do the math and tell me which is the better deal….

A Good Nights Sleep!

Oh so important for health and a productive day at school. I am very strict when it comes to bedtime in my house. I am so strict it is very hard for me to switch to a summer schedule, I do now that they are a little older but we have been getting back to a normal routine for the past few weeks in preparation for school starting. When I say a good nights sleep I am talking no less than 10 hours usually more like 11. Since my kids have to get up at 7am they are in bed by 8pm. That may be more difficult if you have kids that go to school earlier than mine do or get on the bus early, so in that I am lucky. I also enjoy some peace and quite in the evenings! Smile

I would love to answer any questions you may have about this post or hear what you do to keep your kids healthy throughout the year! Thank you for stopping by!


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