Friday, May 10, 2013

Feature Friday ~ Scour Off

Welcome Friends! I am happy to have you here for another addition of Feature Friday where each week I share with you a different Shaklee product. I share with you how I have used it in my home and how it is helping my family for the better!


Today I am going to share with you another product from the Shaklee’s Get Clean Line. It is called Scour Off. It is an all natural scouring agent, that is very effective yet safe to use in your home and around your family. It contains no toxic or harmful ingredients and works so well! I am very interested in doing what is best and safest for my family but I also want it to work. I don’t want to say I use it only because it is safe. Today I want to share with you some of the ways I have used it in my home, these are not pictures off the internet, they are actual examples of how I have used it.

My top 3 uses for Scour off are:

1) Sink scouring

2) Stove top and oven scouring

3) Bathtub scouring (I don’t have before and after pictures of how I have used it in my shower but it is great for rust stains, soap build up, and any other scouring you made need to do in your shower and tub.)

Below is a picture of how shiny and beautiful my stainless steel sink looks after scouring it with Scour Off!


Don’t you just love how it shines!

Below is the bottom of my oven before and after scouring it with Scour Off! I also sprayed it with Basic H before scouring it to help loosen any baked on grime. You can learn step by step instructions as to how I cleaned my oven here.


Here is one great reason for your husband to love Scour Off too!


What a difference!

Another great example of how it can save you time in the kitchen is to use it to scour out your crockpot pan and baking dishes.


Some other great things I like about Scour off are:

It smells great! Unlike some scouring agents or pastes that leave you choking, Scour Off is made from cherry pits so you will never feel like you are inhaling toxic chemicals.

It is inexpensive and will last forever!

Thank you again for joining me for Feature Friday! I love to share with you how to make your home healthier and happy!


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