Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Joy the Simple Gift of Snow Can Bring

It was such a joy to watch my children playing in the first big snow of the year.  There are some years between childhood and parenthood where we forget these little joys of life but nothing brings them back stronger than living them again through our children’s eyes. Sometimes as mothers we forget to stop and watch, nothing else. Sometimes I sit back and just enjoy moments like these knowing they will never be again and I probably won’t even remember them but I just try to cherish it. Other times like this morning I take as many pictures as I can so I never forget the moment. Make sure as mothers, and even father’s, you try to do both, we need to have lasting memories to look back at but we don’t want to see all memories through a camera lens.And never forget to thank God for bringing these little angels into our lives!

Yesterday morning the kids got ready for school as fast as they could so they could play for a little while before school. Even the baby was excited but not really sure what about. I can’t imagine he remembered anything from last year and knowing me I didn’t let him play out there much anyway. I am a little over protective and didn’t want my baby getting cold. Well this year I can tell already nothing is going to keep this little man contained, not even his crazy mom! He was out there three time yesterday!

This little guy also learned how yummy snow is!


And tried getting mommy with it too!


The dog also loves the snow…….he could jump at snow till he dropped from exhaustion!


I am betting he slept pretty well last night………after playing with the kids and helping me shovel the driveway twice!


Colton attempting to make a snowman…….he may have succeeded if the bus hadn’t come.


She wouldn’t dare!




Two of my little snow monsters coming inside to warm up!


I hope all of your children get a chance to play in the snow this winter! Blessing and love to all!


A few recipes to warm you up this winter!

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