Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Fun Hair Styles 2

My daughter and I have been trying out all sorts of fun hair styles to share with you. We try to do something different everyday! My daughter has very long hair and especially when she is at school I like it to be out of her face. So to make it more fun for her and so it doesn’t get boring by doing the same thing day after day we are trying all sorts of new and fun ideas! She is being a great sport about me taking pictures everyday to share with you! Here are 5 more fun styles! I hope you enjoy them!
1) Here is a fun side pony with a really cute Halloween bow made by my cousin.
If you are interested check her out at Jenny’s Pretties on Facebook, she has lots of fun bows and even makes custom orders too!
2012-10-09_07-53-11_860   2012-10-09_07-53-17_841
2) Another favorite of my daughters is to braid her hair after a bath and let it dry over night.
I usually zig-zag the part, it is not necessary but I do it because it helps to not define the part when you take the braids out the next day.
2012-10-09_19-18-51_474   2012-10-09_19-23-35_659
This is what it looks like when you take it out! Then I pull back the sides so it is out of her face for school.
2012-10-10_07-38-01_695   2012-10-10_07-39-05_34
3) This is pretty simple, a part down the middle and two braids looped together.
4) This one was really fun to do and looked so cute!
It took a little longer than some of the others but was definitely worth the time!
2012-10-16_07-53-17_995   2012-10-16_07-53-23_544
5) This one was so fun to do and really easy! My son said we should call them beehives because they look like little beehives.
All you need is two high pigtails, braid the pigtails, and loop them around and pin them with a bobby pin.
2012-10-17_07-46-42_1   2012-10-17_07-48-45_60
Ta Da! Two cute little beehives!
Please share with me what you think of these new styles!
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