Monday, August 27, 2012

Most Amazing Results!

Today when leaving my daughters well check visit at the doctors office my very curious and mischievous 5 year old Colton, found some fresh tar! We aren't talking a spot or two, we are talking all over his foot, shoe, pants, and even his shirt. My first thought was getting home without getting it all over my van and my second thought was how will I get this out?
Being a very new member and user of Shaklee my first thought was, lets give that a try and see before I take more extreme measures. Before I tell you the results of using my Shaklee products I want to share with you what I found when I googled, removing tar from skin.
Option one; spread a layer of mayonnaise over tar and let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes and then use a rag or brush to scrub from skin.
Option two; similar only using olive oil, tanning oil, baby oil……
Option three; nail polish remover!
Option four; Moisten skin with shaving cream, then use a razor to try and shave it off!!!! Are you serious!!!??
Option five;  These just blew my mind…….turpentine, diesel fuel, WD-40!!!!!! On my little boys skin!!!!!!!??
I new tar would be hard to get off but I was shocked! So now here are the result of Shaklee’s Basic H, which has over a thousand different uses, it is organic, and safe for your whole family, including animals! I would also like to mention that it not only gets out tar, it is safe enough to clean your fruits and veggies and bathe your children in!


I used Basic H as a degreaser, which is 1 1/2 teaspoons per 16oz of water. I stuck him in the tub, sprayed it on and wiped gently with a wash cloth and it ALL came off! Easily! With NO scrubbing!!!! No harsh chemicals, no scrubbing, no pain! I have not used a product in the Get Clean line that I don’t just like, I LOVE! And you will too or 100% money back guarantee! Here are also the results of removing tar from his shoe, I was not too worried, they were an old pair, but I tried it with the same results as his skin. The tar just wiped away, no scrubbing involved.

Shoe Before After

If you would love to see these same amazing results and try the other products in the same line go to:
I would love to hear what you think of these result. Have you ever had tar or other tough stains you couldn’t get out? Leave a comment or head to my Facebook page and let me know.

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  1. That is AMAZING! I love Shaklee! I used it this week to get denim jean dye out of my BRAND NEW Coach purse. Basic H rocks! Wish more people would give it a try!.

    Billie Ross