Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In My Free Time

This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to cut down a couple trees for a friend. If you know me at all or have read the section on Why N to N you know at least a little of my past and that I love to cut down trees in my spare time or whenever a family member or friend needs a hand.

In college I had the opportunity to compete in two national chainsaw competitions that focused on precision and accuracy. Part of what got me into the two national competitions was the ability to so precisely drop a tree I could hit a pop can, and not to brag at all but I have done this many, many times.

Now I have not cut since before I was pregnant with my son and he is 15 months old, so we are talking about 2 years now. So to say the least, I was nervous! Not to mention that one of the two trees had the potential to smash his beautiful pool to pieces and the other one to completely obliterate his camper. No pressure there!! So I put in my stake as to where I wanted to drop the tree and went to town!

2012-08-18_09-51-08_639        2012-08-18_09-52-25_233         2012-08-18_09-53-20_345       2012-08-18_09-58-24_640

Lining things up.                      Making the notch.             Cleaning out the center.             TIMBER!!!!!

I know its hard to tell in the picture but I hit the tree right on my mark! I was so happy and proud of myself that I could still do it!

2012-08-18_10-41-34_147                                                  2012-08-18_10-41-43_451
My hunky hubby cutting down the next tree.       And our cute little helper Colton!
So it turned out to be a pretty fun day and we helped out a friend. Please share your questions and comment, I would love to hear from you. Also check me out on Facebook

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