Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday ~ Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Happy St. Valentines to all!

Today I just want to share with you some of the fun thing we are doing at our home to make Valentine’s Day special!

First of all, this is what we woke up to this morning…….How can you hate winter when it is sooooo beautiful? I love where we live and I am so thankful for the beautiful view each and everyday!

V day

So how do you celebrate Valentines Day? We just love to have some fun with it! I surprised my kids at school today and met them for lunch, it was so cute to see them so excited to see me!

I surprised my two big kids this morning with a balloon that says I love you on them, they were just tickled! I bought them at the dollar store, it truly is the little things in life!

V day 2

They also woke up this morning to some fun little love notes on their bathroom mirrors!

I am pretty sure I bought these in the dollar isle at Target a couple years ago…..

V day 3v day 4

And them I packed them fun lunched too……nothing crazy just some heart shaped sandwiches, heart cupcake liners for their other food, and a little heart treat! Oh, and a little love note from MommySmile

v day 5

And don’t forget some festive outfits! Even the baby gets something fun to wear!

V day 6

Happy Valentines Day from my family to your!


Also its Thrifty Thursday!

I am co-hosting Thrifty Thursday with my friends Lindsey from Apple of Mamas Eye

and Jessica-Working on a Healthier Tomorrow, Krysta- Krysta Steen, Michelle- Michelle Muckala and Julia- Julia Kendrick

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