Monday, January 7, 2013

Total Lifestyle Transformation

Since the new year started I have talked a lot about striving for a healthier lifestyle in 2013, I have even given some great tips on how to do this without breaking your budget, maybe even improving it. Today I want to talk about another lifestyle issue so many of us face each day and that is a weight problem. Now I am not here to judge anyone! I am here to help! In todays society we are faced with so many bad food options everyday its no wonder most people face this issue. Whether it is 5 or 10 pounds you want to lose or 50 or more we are all faced with the same challenges each day. Fast food places are everywhere and so convenient when we have had a crazy busy day at work and we have a zillion activities to take our kids to.

Please take into consideration some of the options I gave you in my post last week, the crockpot is one of the greatest inventions for a busy family. I realize fast food is not the only culprit out there, we are faced with so many bad choices in the very place we should be getting foods that are good for us, the grocery store. We are surrounded by convenience foods! I am just as guilty of using these as the next person, just because I make most of my meals and I am diligent about planning my meals out and feeding my family as healthily as possible I also am guilty of not always making good choices. Not to mention what happens when you take your kids shopping! I try  to do most of my shopping when the big ones are in school to avoid giving in to their requests. If they don’t know its out there they won’t ask for it.

So what I want to do for you today is present you with an option. An option to better yourself image, to better your eating habits, and to better your self confidence. What if I told you you could lose the weight, keep it off, and never starve to death in the process. You could actually enjoy losing the weight and have support during and after your self transformation. Would you be interested????

I don’t want to sound like an infomercial here but this product is truly amazing, I have been using it for several months now and not only was I able to lose the last few pounds of baby weight that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of but I am not starving myself and the weight has stayed off!

Check out a few the amazing success stories with people just like you and me who lost their weight and are keeping if off with the very product I am going to share with you today!

Before and After Heather

Before and after Tasha

Before and after David

These three people have several amazing things in common:

1) They all lost weight and look great!

2) They all lost it using a product from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US!

3) They have learned how to keep the weight off and are living their Happily Ever After, After!

Enough of the yoyo dieting, it is time to try something that really works! If you follow the plan and use the support given this will be the last diet you ever go on!

Here are the two transformation plans:

180 weight loss


Each customizable Turnaround Kit includes:

1. Two healthy meals a day, Energizing Tea, and healthy snacks, in your choice of flavors PLUS Metabolic Boost.

2. Free personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools  ($9.95 month/value)

3. Access to the Shaklee 180 rewards

4. Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95 month/value)

5. Free upgrade to expedited shipping on your first order

6. Eligible for FREE products through "3 for Free" when you sign-up for AutoShip

Products are gluten free and low glycemic

180 lean and healthy

Each customizable Lean & Healthy Kit includes:

1. Healthy customizable meals in your choice of flavors

2. Your choice of Shaklee Vitalizer (30 day supply)

3. Free personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools ($9.95 month/value)

4. Access to Shaklee 180 rewards

5. Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95 month/value)

6. Eligible for FREE products through "3 for Free" when you sign-up for AutoShip

Products are gluten free and low glycemic


Free access to our private Transformation Challenge group with daily support and accountability from others doing the plan with you.

Free recipes and free work out plans to help you meet your goals.

Chance at a cash prizes each month during the challenge!

For more information on this body transformation or to join my challenge click here!

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Please comment below with ANY questions, I am truly here to help you on this journey!

Don’t let one more day go by feeling less than what you are because of how you look on the outside. Take this challenge with me and look and feel great in 2013!



  1. This sounds Great! Is this ok to do while Breastfeeding? My son is 4.5 months and Im struggling to get the weight off this is my fourth but my first to exclusively breastfeed. So is it safe if breastfeeding?

    1. Yes we have several people doing the challenge now that are breastfeeding. If you send me your email address we can set up a time to talk more!
      Thanks, Bonnie