Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter in Wisconsin is……..

Today we had our first really big snow storm here in Wisconsin. School was called off yesterday, hours before the storm even started. I have grown up and spent my whole life here in Wisconsin, I feel it is part of who I am. I can sometimes imagine living somewhere else, like farther south after we have been living winter for 6 months, but I never really would want to. Not only did I love the changing seasons growing up, I am loving watching them through my children’s eyes and actions as they are growing up. I want to share with you some of the amazing moments that we have been having on our Wisconsin winter day!

Winter in Wisconsin is………

The sparkle in your baby’s eyes when they see the snow for the first time!


Winter in Wisconsin is……….

Eating snow for breakfast!



Winter in Wisconsin is………..

Snow angels!


Winter in Wisconsin is………..

Snow ball fights!


Winter in Wisconsin is…………

Sliding in the snow!


Winter in Wisconsin is………..



Winter in Wisconsin is…………



Winter in Wisconsin is………..

Pure Beauty!!!


I love where I live and who I live there with! I would love to hear where you are from, leave me message below or find me on Facebook and share where you are from and what’s makes your place home! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas!


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  1. What a great post!! Looks like soo much fun!! I totally agree with you, I grew up in NY (Long Island) and really miss the seasons since moving to Florida!