Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Trick or Treat Plate

Well our 31 days is winding down, I sure have enjoyed doing these posts everyday and I appreciate all the comments and followers. If you haven’t already please sign up for emails of these posts so you never miss a fun project or recipe! Today I have a really cute craft I found while browsing yesterday. It is a cute Halloween decoration but if you put a little thought into it you could make them for every holiday! We will just start with a Halloween one for now though!
You only need a couple materials and they are all really cheap if you don’t have them in your home already.
You need Sharpie markers in black and orange.
Black acrylic paint.
1 large, white plate.
I found my plate at the Dollar Tree so it only cost me $1! What a deal!
First what I did is took a pencil and drew out the letters on the plate that I wanted and then I took the Sharpie markers and colored them in.
You could do it with a stencil but doing it with a pencil first made it pretty easy and I was able to easily erase it if I made a mistake.
Next step was to take my 17 month old cute little feet and paint them with the black acrylic paint and put his cute little foot prints in the middle of the plate. To make this a little less messy I made a bucket of soapy water and had it ready to wash him off immediately and also I did one foot at a time.
Then I baked it in the oven at 170* (that was as low as my oven went, you could do it as low as 150* if yours goes that low) for 30 minutes, let it cool and now I have an adorable Halloween decoration!
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