Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: Organizing For the Kids

As a mother the hardest job I have is keeping it all together, the cooking, cleaning, and organizing! Today I wanted to get my daughters closet organized so she can keep up with cleaning and organizing it herself. If her things are organized she can keep it clean, for the most part.
I think organizing is a learned art, one I have slowly been working on in my entire home. I think the most important thing for kids is for everything to have a place and for them to know where that place is. I realize that until they are about 6 or 7 they can’t read if you label things for them but they will learn to know where things go if they are always supposed to go there.
Before I get to far here is a picture of my daughters closet, it isn’t too bad but it needs a little work.
It also has a set of shelves to the left and little dressers to the right, so there is lots of space to put things. We do have a playroom but that is mostly for shared toys and games. I keep the things that are theirs in there rooms. I may change this at some point but it seems to work okay for now.
I organize her clothes by what they are: dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.…….
that way we can both find things for her to wear easily and they are easier to put away too.
I have labeled all her toy bins for her with a label maker, if you don’t have one of these you seriously need to get one! I got mine for less than $20 at Wal-Mart, it is a mom must have! This way everything has a place and there are not little pieces all over the place. It is also easier for them to only take one thing out at a time and put it away before taking out something new.
I also use small dressers or chests with drawers for other things like doll accessories. The little dresser on the left has all her doll clothes and accessories in them . One drawer for pacifiers, bottles bibs, toys, and so on. One drawer for clothes, and one drawer for carriers and blankets.
The top shelf I use for things like extra blankets, pillows, and suit cases. Things that she doesn’t use on a daily basis.
Here is what it looks like when I am done, and it only took about five minutes for me to create a more organized space so my daughter can keep up with cleaning her room.
Every once in a while she just needs a little help getting things back in shape. Please share with me how you keep things organized in your children's closets!
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