Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hi! My kids and I are in northern Wisconsin with my family for the week on vacation, unfortunately daddy had to stay home and work but we are doing a great job of staying busy. We layed pretty low today seeing as we went crazy yesterday and needed a day to relax. We went to Upper Michigan and went to one of our favorite places, Bond Falls. It is one of the most beatiful places! We spent the morning there hiking and sight seeing.

When we got home I got a cleaning bug and emptied out my moms living room and scrubbed the entire carpet. With six kids, seven grandkids, and three dogs it gets hit pretty hard. I used three of my Shaklee cleaning products; Nature Bright, Basic H, and for germs, Basic G. It turned out pretty great!



Tomorrow we are all headed to a small zoo in Minoqua, WI, and later in the week we will be boating with some friends. We have a chain of lakes that I believe is the largest fresh water chain in the world. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer also, I will be in touch soon!

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